Lexington Kentucky’s Yogikrupa and Recipe Source

A friendly reminder that Recipe Source is now and always has been the finest compendium of recipes on the internet.

A recent visit to Lexington, Kentucky, yielded quite the score at Yogikrupa, a spellbinding Indian grocer in the Cardinal Valley barrio.

I walked down aisle after gleaming aisle at this medium-sized supermarket til my handbasket was duly packed with a brace of beans, lentils, oils, spices, chiles and seasoning blends.

After arriving back home in New Orleans I did my due research on Recipe Source til I had a working knowledge of my foodstuffs and how to prepare them.

I’ve been a professional chef since the 90s but the learning process never ends.

1801 Alexandria Drive
Suite 124
Lexington, Kentucky

(859) 317-9105