Lexington Kentucky’s Yogikrupa and Recipe Source

A friendly reminder that Recipe Source is now and always has been the finest compendium of recipes on the internet.

A recent visit to Lexington, Kentucky, yielded quite the score at Yogikrupa, a spellbinding Indian grocer in the Cardinal Valley barrio.

I walked down aisle after gleaming aisle at this medium-sized supermarket til my handbasket was duly packed with a brace of beans, lentils, oils, spices, chiles and seasoning blends.

After arriving back home in New Orleans I did my due research on Recipe Source til I had a working knowledge of my foodstuffs and how to prepare them.

I’ve been a professional chef since the 90s but the learning process never ends.

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Lexington, Kentucky

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Austin Leslie’s Fried Chicken Recipe

Austin Leslie’s Fried Chicken Recipe

In the 80s it was a special treat to visit Chez Helene, the old brick-fronted building behind Circle Foods on N. Robertson Street in New Orleans 7th Ward. The restaurant is long gone, chef Austin Leslie is deceased and while there is plenty fried chicken to be had at curbstores and corner markets none of it holds a candle to Mr. Leslie’s.

Time to visit your favorite grocery store and make the chef’s legendary recipe in your own kitchen.

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