Field Report: 2023 Young Men Olympian Second Line Parade

2023 Young Men Olympian Second Line Parade

Young Men Olympians are the only second line crew accorded the honor of having two separate parades each season. As they should. The old-school benevolent association was founded in 1884. We rolled from our home in the 9th Ward to Central City for the gentlemen’s parade earlier today. This is what we saw:
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Christopher Dorsey aka B.G Rapper of Hot Boys Released From Penitentiary

B.G has been released from prison. Here is the story of the Hot Boy rapper from an article I previously wrote:

Christopher Dorsey is now known as United States Federal Prisoner number 31969-034 but for a time he was high-flying Deep South rapper B.G aka Baby Gangsta, one of the biggest stars to ever wreck himself free from the firmament of the New Orleans rap scene. Continue reading